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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Android from the start

In 2007, rumors were being spread that Google would be introducing a smart phone to compete with the iPhone. Speculation ran wild-- would Google really get into hardware?
Or would Google just build apps for phones like the iPhone?

Google claimed that they were not interested in building hardware. But some journalists and bloggers were not convinced. by 2008, it was clear that Google had been true all along.. Google wasnt getting into the phone game, just the software for phone game. this OS is called Android

Unlike the iPhone, which has its own OS for the iPhone hardware, Google's was to dreat an OS that could work on phones built by different manufactures. No service provider would have exclusive rights to the software.

In 2010 Google released the first phone that you could buy directly from them, the HTC Nexus One. This phone is only one if many Android phones that will be released in this year.